It will be difficult to learn if we do not know what to say. I will try to present here the most important terms that we will need. If you do not understand everything, don’t worry, after a few lessons you will definitely remember.

The Class is the foundation of Java. Simply put, a class is a space in which we place other elements, store information and process it. A pictorial example can be a family of four driving a car. A car is a class, while a family is its elements, we will tell objects about it.

The Object is a representation of the class and its carrier. If we are talking about something that is an object in Java, then we really imagine the whole class and everything that is in it. Through the object, we can refer to variables, methods and other elements contained in it. I would imagine it as an encyclopedia. It’s a book, but we know that it contains passwords to which we have direct access and we can read them.

The above example is an object of the class previously written in the class.

The Method. In it, for example, calculations are made, or other operations. Methods don’t necesarely have to return anything, but may result in a simple type, or return an object. Some may also take parameters, others act only on the object that calls them.


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